As much time as independent artists spend in the studio, they need somewhere they can consider their home away from home. When artists are trying to perfect their craft, there is no room for closet hits in “At the Crib Records.” Up and coming artists are a dime a dozen, especially in a day and age where you can become a pseudo celebrity off of one hit and some social media buzz. Serious artists who are willing to put time into their craft need somewhere that has industry trained professionals who can handle all of the mixing and mastering for radio ready recordings ; a place where all that the artist has to do is focus on the true task at hand – the art. In the Charlotte, NC area, that place is none other than Unanimous Music Group (UMG).


Unanimous Music Group is an independent record label. At Unanimous Music Group, we take a different approach compared to most studios. We’ve worked hard to put together a spot where artists can get more than just the traditional multimedia services such as audio production, cinematography, and graphic design. We’re here to connect with the artistic community globally! We’re here to empower artists through providing an environment that fosters collaboration, and education through different forms of art. Join us as we join forces with aspiring musicians, producers, and creators of all sorts, and to reach the world through creative arts.