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The term “less is more” seems to be quite fitting as a new Charlotte artist continues to scratch the surface of the hip hip hop industry. After an eclectic tribute to the 90’s, Nova Justyn has changed his tone on another three-tracked project entitled Run It.

The collection of tracks is named after the first song on the experimental project.

‘Run It’ is a therapeutic melody where with the help of a meaty bass riff, and rhythmic keys Nova digs into the details of his past. Throughout the song, he criticizes his past decisions while expressing the frustrations that they have caused. The chorus then touches on the importance of the journey, and the rewards changing for the better, and consistencies can bring.

The first track is followed by a more mysterious sound. Entitled ‘Rollin’, heavy 808’s, and piano put out the perfect vibes to ride to. Over the ear-catching beat, Nova gives off a more proud sense of being. Within three clever verses, it becomes clear that there is a new sheriff in the town of hip-hop. In the hook, Nova compares the life he lives to a manual transmission. Jokingly, he states that his peers are ruining their positions (stalling out) by rushing themselves, while he patiently makes subtle moves to the top spot. It is clear that wordplay is a skill he holds near when he creates.

The last of the bunch is most certainly not the least. Piano keys and 808’s continue on sweet sounds of ‘Confessions’. It is hard not to nod your head to the stimulating instrumental alone. Nova graces the track with an overview of his day to day process. The fact that hard work is inescapable is stressed within the hooks and verses.

The overall listen of the project gives off an almost “trap soul” vibe. The beats of each individual song are both timeless, and memorable, nonetheless are the messages conveyed. The shortlist of songs leave listeners wanting more after the unique twelve-minute session ends. The pleasurable body of work should definitely be one to go and get.

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