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Ever wanted more from sound? There are many ways to hear music, but it is not always an impactful experience. Bose has changed that with an amazing product called SoundWear. The first time I listened to music on these bad boys, they took me to another planet with the artists at my studio. Music is something that should be felt long after hearing a song. provides the illusion of having a portable band wherever you go. Perfect for both business, and leisure, this product allows you to work, and take calls without missing a beat– literally.


Issues that never seem avoidable such as removing an earbud to hear a colleague, catching heat from a spouse for not hearing themå speak, or that annoying wave in the face for attention is always a pain. These scenarios can now be a thing of the past with the help of this cleverly designed, wearable speaker. Full control of up close quality sound sit on your shoulders gently and caress the eardrums with this product.


The sonic character offers a great balance of sweet highs, mids, and of course Bose’s signature tube lows. Ears will no longer be neglected in any genre. When listening to hip-hop, rock, and even classical, this technology screams this “must have”. I punched myself for not purchasing these on the first day of their release. Dear Boss, I’m sorry!

These jewels also allow users to watch movies without latency. If in search for an amazing, and personal surround sound, look no further. For just two hundred, and ninety-nine dollars, a movie theater experience can be yours at all times. This product is recommended for any music lover, and/or movie enthusiast. It is guaranteed there will be no disappointments. Conquerieverydayday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and working just got easier thanks to Bose!

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