Who We Are

Unanimous Music Group (UMG) was concieved in 2005. It is the brain child of Producer, Singer/Songwriter and musical genius, Kino Watson.

Watson, a former signed artist to Columbia Record, branched off from the major labor to his own major path, with the vision to spearhead a brain team. UMG consists of a brilliant team of photographers, producers and video specialists in computer and digital design.

With our fantastic UMG squad now in place, the space has been created to share with the world. Watson believes that music is the fabric of each of our lives, and he created this space for all types of artists, aspiring-to-seasoned.


Why Unanimous?

UMG embraces a rainbow of musical flavors. No matter the genre we speak your language in production assistance. We understand the basic needs of every artist is support, that’s what we offer in our technical and creative services. Founded in 2005 by writer and producer, Kino Watson – at UMG we know first hand what it means to strive to develop your unique sound and signature brand.

Trust, we understand!
We’ve made this understanding part of our mantra. We believe:
Support is how any artist survives, like the quality of air we breathe – keeping it fresh is always best.
At Unanimous we’ve created a fresh space for new artist to develop, blossom and show. Leave the growing to us.