STUDIO UMG is a cut above your average studio offering our clients the flexibility in multi-media possibilities. We offer tailored packages and complete services, giving our clients the option to work with our renowned producer or schedule a session where you’re the captain of your own production ship. Count on us to deliver exceptional service in recording, editing, mixing and mastering. You bring the concept and we’ll bring the multi-media branding. But UMG just does not stop at sound production

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What We Offer

Audio Recording & Production

Whether you lend your talent to our own original music or have us produce your songwriting efforts, we offer tailored audio recording packages. Our complete service offers you the option of selecting from our pool of talented studio producers or scheduling a session where you are the captain of your own production ship.


Artist Development & Branding

Unlike major labels, which send their artists to outside agencies to develop, we handle your industry education and introduction internally. Our methods focus on increasing self-esteem and building who our artists become from within. We follow an individualized approach, truly getting to know our artists and molding them into an image that reflects experiences they may write about, but would not share with others through the traditional approach. Once an image is set, we provide branding for each artist with gateways to social media, live shows, and events.

Photography & Videography

Let your audience see who you are – not just what you are – with photography and videography that captures every moment within the life and growth of a fine artist and their art. We are artists first, and understand how to encourage our subjects to show emotion through their work, revealing their true selves without being lost in the moment. Through our photos and video productions, the audience can observe the process and progress of the artist, along each stage of their work.


Graphic Design

Once we have crafted your image and documented your growth as an artist, we call upon our talented graphic designers. These skilled professionals work with us to create album covers, logos, event flyers, and promotional items that express your individuality.

Web Development

To help your fans and industry professionals learn more about release dates, events, and touring schedules, we offer assistance with Web development and website design. Our website developers will design a website to reflect your artistry while boosting your fan base.


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