5 Tips to the Perfect Mix


The music world is full of wonder and fun that both the artist and the listener enjoy in different ways. The taker doesn’t see all that goes in to creating the beat, writing the lyrics or mixing the sound. There is so much involved in a making a song the perfect dance track or love ballad and for those who are behind the scenes, they are the best at what they do.
So if you are the one overseeing the mixing board making things pop, there are important things to remember in order to get the mix just right because really, your ability to do that makes all the difference in the outcome of a summer hit or flop.
Here are five tips to help you ensure you get the perfect mix.



Tracking is a critical part of mixing because it is the actual recording of sound processed and stored on your DAW. If you are lucky, the tracking engineer did their job and everything is as it should be. If not, you have to pick up the slack and fix what they did wrong. You should always check the recorded files for things like clipping or distortion to make sure you have what you need to move forward.

Relativity not Loudness


Another important thing to look for when mixing is a balance of the different elements (bass, treble, high, etc.). Think relativity over loudness because just as individuals in a conversation don’t talk at the same time (or shouldn’t) the sections of your song shouldn’t either. It’s about levels in relativity not loudness. Remember that!



Next is panning. This is a great and easy way to better your mix. It gives the listener a surround sound experience. This means when the guitar gives a hard left the sound will also come from behind you. Panning is a great way to widen and expand your mix so that the frequencies do not fight over the same space. This will also give your song more depth.


Side-chain Compression

The process of side-chain compression (SCC) layers and arranges the mix. This is when compression is triggered by an outside source. For example, if a piano is too loud during a certain part of the song, it can be SCC’d which compressions the piano and allows the vocals to shine through and when the vocals are over, the piano is heard more distinctly again.

The Feeling not the Attempt

Music (mixing, etc.) is more about the feeling and expression than anything else. It is the job of the engineer to capture the moment and magnify it. You never want to destroy the mix because you’re doing too much. Don’t focus on the theory as much but the feeling that the music is
Remember that music is about feeling something. It’s about making something that others can feel and attaching meaning to. All of that is in your hands so make it great and make it real.