As much time as independent artists spend in the studio, they need somewhere they can consider their home away from home. When artists are trying to perfect their craft, there is no room for closet hits in “At the Crib Records.” Up and coming artists are a dime a dozen, especially in a day and age where you can become a pseudo celebrity off of one hit and some social media buzz. Serious artists who are willing to put time into their craft need somewhere that has industry trained professionals who can handle all of the mixing and mastering for radio ready recordings ; a place where all that the artist has to do is focus on the true task at hand – the art. In the Charlotte, NC area, that place is none other than Unanimous Music Group (UMG).

UMG is headed by national recording artist Kino Watson; an R&B crooner, writer and producer. Kino is no stranger to the music game. Before landing his deal with Columbia Records and working with super producer Jermaine Dupri (Game Recognize Game, and scoring his hit single on Billboard 1996 “Bring it On”), he worked with some of the industry’s heavy hitters like Angie Stone (Don’t Say Goodnight, 1993) and Guru of Gang Star (Jazzmatazz, 1993). If you want to hear the quality and craftsmanship Kino possesses as an artist, writer and producer, checkout his chart topping album True 2 the Game, (1996). His experience of working with some of the industry’s best inspired him to begin his own company in the music industry.

If you build the character of an artist internally
their talents will shine externally

Kino Watson

Kino’s philosophy is “If you build the character of an artist internallytheir talents will shine externally”. Kino has been giving artists the tools they need to develop their craft since 2005. The studio has the perfect atmosphere to inspire creative energy and a welcoming staff that is sure to offer you top notch service. All genres are welcome. The studio is armed with industry standard brand name equipment such as: Dangerous Music, Avalon, Universal Audio, Focal, Apple, Pro tools, Reason, and Waves to name a few. As a result, artists are sure to get the sound and quality they desire.

Whatever your needs may be, UMG is able to deliver. Need editing, mixing and mastering? UMG has your back. Need music composition or voiceovers? We have you covered there too! UMG is also the home of all things Media: videography, photography, graphic design; if you need it, we’ve got you.

Don’t mistake silence for being still. As Kino says “you must remove the dead weeds in order to allow the flowers to grow.” UMG has been reconstructing their brand. Everything from the equipment, down to the logo and website has been revamped. In the logo, the letters UMG can be found in the center of the crest emblem symbolizing a family unit; the wings surrounding the center of the logo represent the company’s advancement and forward movement. In the words of our CEO Kino Watson, “We’re no longer on the ground. We have wings now and we are ready to take flight.” So if you’re an artist in the Queen City make sure you come through and take your music career to the next level with UMG!